For all of us who struggle with any form of compulsive behavior, or who feel inadequate, unloved, uninspired, let today be one in which we measure ourselves differently.  Even if we manage only a moment of freedom from whatever individual plagues we endure, let us be brave enough to acknowledge the truth of that moment.

Look again at the flowers that grow from ugly seeds in a muddy pond.

We are the flowers.




2 thoughts on “Seeds of hope.

  1. Imagine my surprise to read these words and think “how does she know me so well?” Your words are universal. Everyone feels “less than” others at some point in their lives and the messages we get as children and teens, from friends, parents, siblings well-meaning grandparents and the media all conspire to reinforce negative thoughts. It took me over 60 years to feel good about myself…to venerate the quirks, to approve of the “faults”. Then to glance down and see my blog’s name in the listing of “those who inspire me”. That brought me to tears……no pain, just extreme thankfulness that something I said made something hopefully easier for another human. Thank you.


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